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ZF Extends Suite of Fleet Solutions to Light Commercial Vehicles in Europe

Fleet operators can access a comprehensive portfolio of proven technologies to manage trucks, trailers, drivers and LCVs from a single all-in-one back office platform.

Light Commercial Vehicles fulfill a vitally important role within the logistics and transportation industry and our pioneering suite of LCV solutions is specifically designed to address growing demand from this key sector, said Peter Bal, Business Leader, Digital Customer Services EMEA with ZF Commercial Vehicle Control Systems.

Helping Fleets Become Leaner and Greener

The new LCV solutions portfolio includes ZF’s Vehicle Tracking Solutions allowing fleet managers and vehicle operators to accurately track the location of each LCV and inform their customers of cargo arrival times. This helps reduce mileage and fuel costs and helps ensure drivers arrive on time as well as improving customer response times.

Helping Fleets Become Safer

ZF’s relentless drive to enhance safety through its technologies is also underlined in its suite of LCV solutions. Drivers are also offered greater peace of mind with the provision of a safety panic alarm hidden in the cabin. Further enhancing LCV security, ZF’s immobilizer solution prevents the vehicle from starting, unless the driver has correctly logged on to the system.

Helping Boost Fleet Connectivity

With a proven track record in vehicle and driver connectivity solutions in multiple commercial vehicle segments, ZF’s LCV solutions offer easily extended functionality through a wide range of fully compatible hardware and software systems. ZF’s expertise extends beyond vehicle and driver connectivity, as it also includes integrated applications that enable the fleet to be connected to their own existing back office systems. The LCV solutions are also fully integrated within its multifunctional TX-CONNECTTM back office software.

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