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ZF Wind Power breaks 200 Nm/kg torque density barrier with the modular gearbox platform SHIFT 7k

With a torque range covering 3000 to 8000 kNm, ZF Wind Power’s SHIFT modular gearbox platform portfolio enables cost-efficient turbine designs for all markets with a wind power density ranging from 125 W/m2 up to 500 W/m2.

This industry leading torque density allows for lightweight platform gearboxes able to cope with a broad range of high torques, reducing the levelized cost of energy for wind power.

During its 40 years of activity in the wind market, ZF Wind Power has shipped 150 GW of high-end gearboxes worldwide, of which 75% of today’s shipments is based on the SHIFT modular platform design. SHIFT is a highly scalable platform, enabling new innovative turbine designs for the energy supply of the future. The platform approach has been already proven in the automotive industry, but is still quite new to the wind turbine gearbox market.

“The introduction of the SHIFT gearbox platform family, four years ago, clearly marked a leap in gearbox development strategy in tune with market needs. With the introduction of the SHIFT 3k and SHIFT 7k, the modular gearbox platform is synchronized with evolving wind turbine platform requirements.

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