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ZF: This is why brake checks for commercial vehicles are so important, especially before winter

As winter approaches, so do the long nights with temperatures around or below freezing point. While the truck driver spends a pleasant night's rest in the heated cab, his truck is at the mercy of the cold without protection. In extreme cases, the night frost can even prevent the truck from continuing its journey the next morning. If the dryer cartridge of the compressed air system needs replacing, it no longer sufficiently binds the moisture in the air. When the temperature drops, it condenses; the resulting condensation freezes and paralyses the brake system.

This is because the cartridges reach saturation faster, especially in vehicles which have a high air consumption due to their application profile. Commercial vehicle workshops should communicate this problem to their customers and ideally ask them to come to the workshop for a winter check, where the condition of the air system can be checked and worn parts replaced before failure occurs.

TRW brake pads ensure reliable braking performance

ZF recommends commercial vehicle workshops also to check not only the compressed air system but the brake pads as well at the beginning of winter. If ESP intervenes, for example, because the commercial vehicle gets into a critical driving situation, then the friction build-up on the brakes must occur as quickly as possible - but also evenly enough so that the tyre does not lock. TRW brake pads ensure that full braking power is quickly restored under such conditions.

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