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ZF Aftermarket recommends regular inspection of safety-critical suspension and steering parts

The winter car checks usually offered by garages as part of the seasonal tyre change are not only popular but also extremely important for safe driving on winter roads. While the battery is tested and the antifreeze and all fluid levels checked, special attention should also be paid to the installed chassis and steering parts.

For this reason, ZF Aftermarket workshops are recommended to additionally drive every car onto the lifting platform during the winter check - if this is not associated with a tyre change anyway - and to take a close look at the chassis and steering.

Once dirt or water has penetrated the suspension and steering parts, this is often only manifested by a rattling noise in the chassis, for example in the case of wheel-guiding ball joints. Leaky steering boots have a similarly critical effect: As a result, the gear rack can corrode, irreparably damaging the hydraulic sealing components in the steering gear. In addition, this results in high costs: Replacement of the complete steering system can no longer be avoided from this point on.

Safe and sound with spare parts in OE quality

On the other hand, mechanics put safety first when they select OE quality steering parts and steering collars from the portfolio of the ZF Aftermarket product brand Lemförder.

If it is necessary to replace a component in the suspension and steering system, experts recommend the installation of parts in OEM quality. Under its Lemförder brand, ZF Aftermarket sells a broad product portfolio that must regularly prove its high quality standards in various practical and laboratory tests.

Comprehensive portfolio expansion in suspension and steering

In order to provide the best possible support to automotive companies for the winter check and any necessary replacement of components, ZF Aftermarket has comprehensively expanded its range of spare parts in the suspension and steering area, including a wide variety of rubber-to-metal parts.

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