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ZF Aftermarket provides essential safety tips for changing transmission oil in hybrid vehicles

With a professionally executed oil change, the workshop positions itself as a competent and foresighted service provider to its customers; because this can significantly increase the service life of an automatic transmission and improve shifting comfort. As a result, failures and general malfunctions can be largely prevented.

For hybrid transmissions, ZF Aftermarket recommends changing the transmission oil at shorter intervals than for conventional automatic transmissions. The decisive factor for this is, on the one hand, the higher load on the system and, on the other hand, the lower filling quantity of the oil: Due to the combination of electric motor and combustion engine, hybrid transmissions sometimes have to transmit 350Nm torque or even more and thus run under higher loads. In addition, hybrid transmissions have about 2 litres less oil volume due to the omission of the torque converter - compared to conventional automatic transmissions with about 10-11 litres.

Transmission oil change in hybrid vehicles requires additional safety steps

The transmission oil change in hybrid vehicles differs from conventional vehicles in a few but important points. When working on a hybrid vehicle, these additional safety steps must be considered:

The yellow high-voltage status sign "High-voltage system active" must be attached to the vehicle.2. The service-disconnect-plug or high-voltage-safety-plug is then pulled out and thus unlocked. A padlock can now be fitted in the exposed hole in the high-voltage safety plug to prevent the system from being switched back on. After successful testing of the absence of voltage, the green high-voltage status sign "high-voltage system inactive" can be replaced with the yellow high-voltage sign.

Comprehensive know-how for transmission oil changes

Thanks to ZF Aftermarket's complete packages for transmission oil changes, workshops receive the necessary spare parts set from a single supplier to ensure smooth replacement. In addition, ZF Aftermarket offers individually designed high-voltage training courses for independent workshops in conjunction with online training for transmission oil changes.

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