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Xiaomi Celebrates Mi Fan Festival 2021

Google and Qualcomm join the celebration with co-created postersXiaomi launches special offers more than USD 147 millions* worldwide to thank Mi Fans

Xiaomi has announced the start of its annual Mi Fan Festival (MFF). Xiaomi is collaborating with more than 70 online platforms and 300 offline partners** in 59 markets to bring the most innovative products at incredible prices to Mi Fans across the world. Google and Qualcomm Technologies are also celebrating Xiaomi’s founding day together through MFF 2021. The co-creation of posters for MFF 2021 use the unified visual symbol “&” as the key creative idea of the picture, symbolizing the close cooperation between Xiaomi and Google also between Xiaomi and Qualcomm Technologies.

Xiaomi, Google and Qualcomm Technologies have always been the forerunners, setting trends for their respective industries with innovative software and hardware solutions. Xiaomi has been working closely with Google and Qualcomm Technologies to advance and accelerate the mass adoption of technological innovations.

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