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Key Initiatives for the New Decade — An Open Letter

An open letter from Lei Jun (雷 军), Founder, Chairman and CEO of Xiaomi on key initiatives for the new decade Lei Jun

First of all, we officially announced to commence the smart electric vehicle business.

This is one of the most important decisions Xiaomi has ever made, which was made after numerous rounds of debates among executive team. We will set up a wholly-owned subsidiary to operate the smart electric vehicle business, with the total investment amount over the course of the next 10 years estimated to be USD 10 billion. I will once again lead the team by myself, serving as the CEO of the smart electric vehicle business. I am willing to bet my lifelong reputation to fight for Xiaomi vehicles!

Smart electric vehicle is the broadest race track in the next decade. Secondly, we launched the Surge C1 Image Signal Processor today, showing our strong capability in the imaging field as well as our determination to adhere to processor development.

As our first self-developed Image Signal Processor (ISP), the Surge C1 processor is a leading processor of its kind in the smartphone industry. Mi MIX FOLD, which is our first folding-screen smartphone of mass production, debuts the Surge C1 processor. The powerful image processing ability of Mi MIX FOLD is a strong evidence of the excellence of the Surge C1 processor.

From the moment when the Surge S1 project kicked off in 2014, to the launch of the Surge C1 today, Xiaomi has been striving for the development of processor for seven years. The Surge C1 is the first step made by Xiaomi for the new decade of developing processor.

Thirdly, we announced a new and revamped logo and started upgrading of our brand recognition system.

In the past three years, we began to systematically sort out and upgrade the brand system of Xiaomi Corporation (the Group). The release of the new logo and the upgrade of the brand recognition system is one of the milestones.

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