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Volkswagen Group Components presents the SPEED+ Awards

Fierce competition in eight categories.

The award categories – plant efficiency, assembly efficiency, shop floor management, process excellence, cost of tools and networking – were supplemented this year by two further categories, namely lead time and hours per unit (HPU). The new lead time category focuses on process orientation and cross-divisional consideration of the whole value stream.

Thomas Schmall, CEO at Volkswagen Group Components, said, In its third year, we have not only added more suspense by incorporating two new categories into the SPEED+ Awards, but have also increased the number of participating plants. The inclusion of more Group brands has added to the sense of competition surrounding the awards. However, the focus continues to be on creating standards that enable us to learn from the best in our company. The company won’t benefit from the best examples if we don’t share them and make them available for all to use.

High turnout

Now in its third year, the Speed+ Awards presented by Volkswagen Group Components have continued to gain in importance. In addition, a further three brands from the Volkswagen Group participated with their component plants in the efficiency contest: Audi, SEAT and ŠKODA.

The winners of the SPEED+ Awards presented by Volkswagen Group Components are:

Plant efficiency

1. Tianjin plant, China2. Dalian plant, China Braunschweig plant, Germany3. 1. Tianjin plant, China2.

Assembly efficiency

1. Puebla plant, Mexico2.

Shopfloor management

1. Braunschweig plant, Germany2. Kassel plant, Germany3. Kassel plant, Germany

Process excellence

1. SITECH plant in Wolfsburg, Germany2.

Cost of tools

Dalian plant, China3.

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