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Increasing demand for electric mobility in Germany: Significant growth for e-up! and Passat GTE

The e-up! generates 61 kW (83 PS) has been launched in November 2019 and represents the new entry-level model to Volkswagen’s electric world. Compared with the predecessor, it offers a significantly increased range (up to 260 km in the WLTP cycle). Around 20,000 vehicles have been ordered already over the first three months of this year. The low running costs are the crucial purchasing argument: In Germany, its manufacturer suggested retail price (€21,975) is reduced by an environmental bonus (€6,570, both gross amounts) and the German insurance categories are favourable (liability category: 12, fully comprehensive category: 16). And no charges are incurred for road tax or engine oil changes for the e-up!.

GTE models took the lead in 2014 and their second model generation boasts an increased electric range thanks to more battery capacity. The new Passat GTE Variant generates 160 kW (218 PS) and covers up to 56 kilometres fully electrically in the WLTP cycle. Within the Passat segment, where the majority of orders are received for diesel engines, the petrol-powered variant with plug-in hybrid technology now makes up 15 percent of the orders, showing a five-fold increase compared with the previous GTE model.

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