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JETTA successfully offers entry-level individual mobility in China

Due to the impact of Covid-19, the desire for personal car ownership has been rising in China, with customers now more motivated than ever to avoid crowded public or shared transportation. JETTA’s model range including one sedan and two SUVs is giving customers the chance to enter the world of individual mobility and become part of the Volkswagen family.

Since its market entry in September 2019, JETTA has been gaining momentum. In 2020, its first full year of sales, the brand will continue to boost Volkswagen Group China’s market share. Despite the enormous negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on China’s automotive market, JETTA’s results in the first four months of this year show only a downturn of 12% when compared to the four months from market entry in September to December 2019. So while the overall market decreased by 30 percent from January to April 2020, JETTA gained market share.

Among customers in this segment, around 80 percent are first time buyers, JETTA’s main target group.

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