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First consignment of medical supplies for hospitals and doctors has arrived from China

Stephan Weil, Minister-President of Lower Saxony, said: “We are living in difficult times and, at times like these, we are especially pleased about positive news and signs of solidarity. A sign of this type is the generous donation of medical supplies by Volkswagen The equipment will benefit people working in the health service in Lower Saxony and throughout Germany. I would like to thank those responsible and also the many employees of Volkswagen for their willingness to provide such help in the corona crisis despite their own concerns. They are helping with considerable commitment and simply as a matter of course. This example demonstrates how well we can pull together in Lower Saxony.”

Volkswagen HR Board Member Gunnar Kilian emphasized: “Medical practitioners and nurses in the public health service need our full support in the fight against coronavirus. With our donation, we want to make our contribution – in Germany and especially in Lower Saxony. Lower Saxony is the home of Volkswagen. Our Group has more than 130,000 employees here; many thousands of people are also employed by about 3,500 suppliers. They all rely on Volkswagen. We are helping. Our teams have cooperated in a highly professional way so that we can keep our word. I would like to thank them very much for their efforts.”

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