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Volkswagen steps up development of Industrial Cloud

“We’re delighted to see the rapid pace of development and expansion of the Industrial Cloud across more Volkswagen production facilities this year,” says Dirk Didascalou, VP of AWS IoT, Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Cost savings through standardization In the first step, the Group defined 15 different applications which are now being made available as standardized apps for all plants. The implementation of the first 15 applications alone is already expected to bring cost savings of about €200 million up to the end of 2025.

Data of hundreds of thousands of machines on the Cloud In the “brownfield” approach, data from several hundred thousand machines and plant items will be recorded by sensors and analyzed by standardized apps on the Cloud. Each machine, equipment item and system will be connected manually. “We have the know-how within the Group to derive efficiency potentials from this data and we are considerably expanding our expertise,” says Sauer.

Volkswagen’s Industrial Cloud to become industrial partner network The solutions and applications currently being developed by Volkswagen are also to be made available to other companies within an open ecosystem; development work on these applications will then continue together with the other companies. In this context, there is no focus on the automotive sector. Discussions with a number of other partners from various sectors have already reached a very advanced stage.

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