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Create your ID.3: Volkswagen invites designers to take part in competition on Instagram

The competition reaches out to all professional and up-and-coming automotive designers: An impressive design community has developed on social media over the past few years. We aim to initiate a dialogue with this talented scene thanks to our competition, Volkswagen Group’s Head of Design explains.

Klaus Bischoff wants to take a fresh approach: We want to open up to the discourse and provide a platform to all interested designers. The competition is a great opportunity for everyone aiming to make a mark for themselves. Over the next four weeks designers are invited to upload their designs on their own Instagram profile and tag images with the #VolkswagenDesign2050 hashtag.

The winning design will be 3D-printed for the winner on a scale of 1:4. World Design Day was initiated in 1995 on the 50th anniversary of the International Council of Design (ico-D). ico-D also considers design to be an important tool for social change.

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