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Volkswagen introduces Over-the-Air Updates for all ID. models

Over-the-Air Updates as the basis for new business models and additional revenue In future, the company plans to provide its customers with free software around every twelve weeks to keep the vehicles up to date and improve the customer experience. Volkswagen is also aiming to generate increased revenue during the usage phase with new, data-based business models – for services and functions that the customer can now order as required, whenever these are needed.

Focus on the customer

The new updates are a central functionality of the digital, connected car. They will quickly become normal for our customers, in the same way as they have for their smartphones, says Thomas Ulbrich, Member of the Board of Management for Technical Development. “Software development is iterative and fast. We work in short cycles, like a tech company, and provide updates to our customers at correspondingly short intervals.”

Vehicles that always have the latest software on board can provide an excellent digital customer experience and are therefore of the utmost importance for our future success, adds Ulbrich.

Update optimises functions for security and comfort

Some of the new functions affect the ID. It now gives the driver information that can provide intuitive support for energy-saving driving, and when driving with the automatic distance control system “Active Cruise Control” (ACC). If installed, dynamic main beam control allows even more precise headlight regulation. customers.

The digital customer experience is becoming a focal point for all development steps for products and services across the entire vehicle lifecycle. As part of the ACCELERATE strategy, Over-the-Air Updates lay the foundation for new business models and customer-centric product optimisation.

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