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Volkswagen congratulates former Chairman of the Board of Management, Prof. Dr. Carl H. Hahn, on his 95th birthday

Carl Hahn Junior came to Volkswagen, still Volkswagenwerk GmbH, at the age of 28 in 1954. Back then, he was assistant to the managing director at the time, Heinrich Nordhoff. It was he who sent Hahn to the USA in 1959 to set up and lead Volkswagen of America. The “Think Small” advertising campaign for the Beetle, which he developed with the DDB agency, was a memorable one and became a classic. Now iconic, the campaign was truly revolutionary at the time. Hahn’s entrepreneurial courage and vision was rewarded: the advertising concept bore fruit as was hugely successful. Together, Volkswagen and DDB set new benchmarks in advertising.

During his time on the Volkswagen Board of Management, he was a strong advocate of the multiple-brand strategy. In 1972, Hahn’s career took him to Continental for a few years as CEO, before he returned to Wolfsburg in 1982 as Chairman of Volkswagen AG. Hahn was instrumental in the company’s success, which continues to this day – with two initiatives in particular: the market launch and successful presence in China, and the development of the state of Saxony into a state-of-the-art automotive site for electromobility and digitalisation. What took great entrepreneurial courage and vision at the time is still contributing significantly to the identity of the Volkswagen Group to this day. To this day, he has lost none of his interest in Volkswagen and the further development of the company.

During his time at Volkswagen, Hahn, a committed European, always pursued a consistent strategy of globalisation. Hahn recognised the potential before all his competitors and Volkswagen started the ball rolling in 1983 with a trial assembly of the Santana in Shanghai. Just one year later, Volkswagen entered into a joint venture with the Chinese government, laying the foundation for a new, jointly-operated factory in Shanghai. To this day, those in China remain grateful to the former head of Volkswagen for showing the right instinct.

Volkswagen in Saxony is ready for the future.

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