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Share of renewable energies in power supply to plants increases significantly

Group Board Member Oliver Blume, who is responsible for production, explained: "The transformation of the Volkswagen Group into a CO2-neutral company has gained momentum. In this context, supplying our plants with renewable electricity is an important part of the overall decarbonization strategy. We are consistently implementing our plans together with all brands and regions, and in 2020 we have already come very close to the target lines that we actually only marked for 2023 and 2030. That's an encouraging milestone. However, we are not resting on our laurels. The energy transition in production also includes an ambitious conversion of the power supply at the Chinese production sites. In addition, we also want to further reduce greenhouse gases in our in-house electricity production."

The Volkswagen Group is currently working with its Chinese partners to develop its own targets for its Chinese production sites. For example, the two coal-fired power plant units at the Wolfsburg production site will be completely converted to natural gas by 2022.

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