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Volkswagen Group is officially reinstated as a participant of the UN Global Compact

The Volkswagen Group had been a participant of the UN Global Compact since 27 August 2002. In the following years, Volkswagen Group continued their reporting in alignment with the requirements of the UN Global Compact and explained that they would pursue reinstatement as a matter of priority. The Volkswagen Group is now once again officially listed as a participant of the UN Global Compact.

“Volkswagen's removal from the UN Global Compact was a drastic step in the wake of the Diesel crisis. A company that had previously felt almost invincible was publicly excluded from the United Nations respected business community. This wasn’t only a matter of prestige. It was a matter of pride. Since then, Volkswagen has worked to renew the company's value base. The electrification strategy of the Group has put it at the forefront of transformation in the car industry. Rejoining the UN Global Compact therefore should have the same symbolic power as its exclusion did five years ago. It shows that Volkswagen, while far from infallible, has learned from its mistakes. It is a moment for every employee at Volkswagen to pause for a second and be proud of what has been achieved together.”

She explains: “Among our highest principles is adherence to regulations, laws and voluntary commitments, including and particularly as regards the environment. We have enshrined this in our Environmental Compliance Management System. It forms the basis of our everyday behavior in the entire Group. Here we place focus on the entire lifecycle of our products and services, from production to use up to recycling, and explicitly establish goals, responsibilities, guidelines and processes. In order to protect our community, customers, employees and, of course, the environment. With our Group environmental mission statement ‘goTOzero,’ we have taken the next important step toward becoming a sustainability-focused company at all levels as part of our TOGETHER 2025+ strategy.”

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