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Sally Perel – “Hitler Youth Solomon” celebrates 95th birthday

Sally Perel grew up in a Jewish family in Peine which was persecuted and driven out of Germany by the Nazi regime. He survived the Nazi period under the assumed identity of Josef Perjell, initially with the German army and then as a Hitler Youth and apprentice toolmaker at the Volkswagen Vorwerk preparatory plant in Brunswick. For more than 30 years, Perel has been telling the story of his survival as “Hitler Youth Solomon” to an international public on tours with readings from his autobiography. Nowadays, he is an ambassador for tolerance and respect. He unmasks false ideals and calls upon people to respect each other. He is committed to peaceful coexistence.

Since 2013, the VW plant at Brunswick has awarded the “Sally Perel Prize for Respect and Tolerance” for exemplary initiatives of school students.

Surviving under an assumed identity

Following the German invasion of Poland and the forced relocation of the family to the Jewish ghetto, Sally had to flee again. Sally spent a few months in an orphanage before fleeing again in June 1941 following the German invasion of the Soviet Union.

During his flight, Sally was captured by German soldiers. The soldiers believed in the new identity which he had quickly assumed as the ethnic German Josef Perjell. As “Jupp”, he became an interpreter for the soldiers as he spoke German, Polish and Russian. To provide him with a foundation for his civilian life, the commanding officer of the company decided that Jupp should complete an apprenticeship in the German Reich.

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