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Volkswagen Group strengthens market position in 2020 and hits the ground running in e-offensive

Volkswagen ID.3 56,500 units– Audi e-tron 47,300 units– Volkswagen e-Golf 41,300 units– Volkswagen e-up! 22,200 units– Porsche Taycan 20,000 units

Deliveries in the regions developed as follows in 2020:

A total of 3,616,900 vehicles were delivered in Europe (-20.5 percent) and the passenger car market share was expanded to a significant degree. In Western Europe, 2,939,900 customers took possession of a Group brand vehicle (-21.6 percent). Battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids were very popular here, accounting for 10.5 percent of the Group’s deliveries in Western Europe (2019: 1.9 percent). Demand for electric models was even stronger in Germany, the Group’s home market, where electric vehicles made up 11.6 percent of Group deliveries (2019: 1.5 percent).

In North America, 785,800 customers took delivery of a new Group brand vehicle, 17.4 percent fewer than in the previous year.

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