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Flexible quick charging stations launch in China

A comprehensive charging infrastructure is the key to the success of e-vehicles. The planned joint venture with DU-POWER therefore represents a significant milestone as we continue to make progress along the path to electric mobility. The innovative design of our flexible quick charging station has huge potential in China, not least because of the rapid growth of electric mobility, commented Thomas Schmall, CEO of Volkswagen Group Components.

The electrification of the global automotive industry is a megatrend. As an ambitious high-tech company with a competent technical development core, we will work with Volkswagen to create a solid foundation to support the success of electric vehicles. The partnership for establishing a joint venture in China enables us to collaborate close on the technical aspects of the project to provide flexible, reliable and efficient solutions for the charging infrastructure, remarked Yong Kang, CEO of Shanghai DU-POWER New Energy Technical Co., Ltd..

Introducing the flexible quick charging station

With compact dimensions, the flexible quick charging station can be installed almost anywhere it’s needed or where a charging infrastructure is not yet in place. When connected to the low voltage grid, the station becomes a permanent charging point without the additional cost and effort required for a comparable fixed quick charging station. If electricity generated from renewable sources is fed into the charging station and temporarily stored there, the station enables carbon-neutral mobility. To ensure the sustainable use of valuable resources, the charging station is also designed to be able to use old batteries from electric vehicles as energy accumulators in future.

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