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Touareg V8 TDI with extra-low NOx emissions tested by Emission Analytics: 75 per cent below Euro 6 limit

The fact that the all-wheel drive Touareg V8 TDI reliably came in below the NOx limit in each of the tests – regardless of the route, differences in altitude and individual traffic volume – was particularly remarkable: in Lower Saxony the value totalled 10 mg/km on average, in Bavaria it amounted to 13 g/km and in Baden-Württemberg the value stood at 20 mg/km. With this in mind, the Touareg V8 TDI not only sets important benchmarks in the SUV top tier thanks to its NOx values.

These include a variable twin-turbo system: at part load – for instance in cities or on country roads – the V8 TDI, generating 900 Nm from as little as 1,250 rpm, generates an extremely high torque and thus largely runs at low engine speeds using only one turbocharger.

The TDI flagship is not the only Volkswagen generating only a fraction of the NOx emissions permitted as the European limit: the new Golf and the current Passat with their new EA288 Evo four-cylinder model range TDI engines also fall into this sustainable category. More new models featuring TDI engines that undercut the nitrogen oxide limits by generating minimum emissions will follow.

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