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Volkswagen supports nonprofit “42Wolfsburg” programming school

Klaus Mohrs, Mayor of the City of Wolfsburg, commented: I am delighted that 600 young people will be educated in our Markthalle in future. The central location very close to the main railway station and downtown Wolfsburg is ideal. I very much welcome the fact that the students are selected based on motivation rather than academic qualifications or social and cultural origin.

Like École 42 in Paris, candidates applying for the tuition-free places at 42Wolfsburg do not need school or university qualifications and selection is not based on age, gender or origin. The peer-learning principle encourages practice-oriented learning, where students learn from and with one another. The school is open 24/7 and offers students a hardware lab, a kitchen, communal rooms and rest areas in addition to the IT learning environment.

To qualify for entry, student must first pass an online aptitude test that enables them to take part in one of the four key selection processes involving practice-oriented projects on campus.

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