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Volkswagen honors top suppliers

The award-winning partners had provided key impetus within Volkswagen’s global network during the year and helped the company make good progress with the implementation of its strategy for carbon-neutral mobility. For example, the companies had played a key role in the successful roll-out of e-mobility by providing charging cables for the modular electric drive toolkit (HARTING) or battery containers for plug-in hybrid vehicles (Nemak). SIEM Car Carriers facilitated the start of LNG shipping routes for reduced-emission global vehicle shipments.

By ramping up production at short notice following the non-availability of a supplier, Jiangsu Pacific Precision Forging maintained Volkswagen’s delivery chain intact and helped to ensure that Volkswagen could rapidly resume production.

All the winners are key elements in the Group’s worldwide production network thanks to their outstanding expertise, innovation and speed. The eight winners of the Volkswagen Group Award 2020 are:

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