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‘Firewall: A Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Novel’ Launches March 1

Following the announcement of the [Splinter__Cell remake] by [Ubisoft Toronto], the cover of the first Splinter Cell novel developed with publishing partner Aconyte has been revealed. “Firewall: A Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Novel” was written by British novelist James Swallow, a longtime fan of the franchise who has also worked as a writer on The Division 2 and Ghost Recon Wildlands. James is a New York Times, Sunday Times, and Amazon #1 best-selling writer, known for his Marc Dane series of action thrillers. “Firewall” will be launched in the USA on March 1 and in the UK on April 14. More European-localized versions will follow in 2022, including versions for France, Germany, Italy, and Russia.

“Firewall” stars Sam’s daughter, Sarah Fisher, the franchise’s first female celebrate the launch of this new novel, we asked Swallow and Editor, Gwendolyn Nix a few questions regarding the novel and his relationship to the Clancy

Where is this novel located within the Splinter Cell franchise timeline?

James Swallow: “Firewall” takes place in 2015, which is two years after the fought the terrorist group called The Engineers; and four years prior to Operation Watchman in Bolivia, as seen in Ghost Recon Wildlands, where Sam joins the Ghosts for a top-secret covert mission.

Why did you decide to explore the relationship between Sarah and Sam? What’s so special about them? JS: From the very first concept I had for “Firewall,” Sarah Fisher was always going to be an integral character in the story, because she’s such an important part of Sam Fisher’s life – she’s the one true thing in his otherwise But as much as Sam has tried to keep her out of the stories. As well as building an action-packed techno-thriller narrative in the tradition of Tom Clancy’s fiction, I wanted to make sure this novel had a strong That part of the story is about how Sam handles the idea of Sarah being put in harm’s way, and how Sarah deals with being in the shadow of her secret-agent father.

to build on what had come before. Originally, Sarah was written in a civilian, they wanted to put her in a more proactive, forceful role and actually bring her into her dad’s clandestine world as an agent-in-waiting. Sam’s not happy about Sarah following in his in previous stories, she’s been kidnapped, had her death faked – so it was deeper into Sam’s backstory and persona, and give Sarah more agency at the same

Where did you draw inspiration for this Gordian Sword plot? What iconic Splinter Cell features will we find in this novel? JS: We live in a wired world right now, where so much of our lives are online, and so much that matters operates exclusively in the digital realm – so I wanted to create a peril with Gordian Sword that is powerful enough to disrupt It’s a classic Splinter Cell threat, an information-warfare terror weapon that can bring down cities, governments, or entire nations. I took my inspiration from real-world cyberattacks (like Stuxnet, NotPetya, Titan Rain, and others) and dialed up the lethality.

In terms of Splinter Cell elements in “Firewall,” there are plenty! Longtime Paladin, or mark-and-execute moments, but also weapons, spy gear, and more, familiar faces from the series – Anna Grímsdóttir returns, of course, and one of my all-time favorite Splinter Cell supporting characters, Andriy Kobin, also

Your track record is quite diverse, from sci-fi to fantasy and, of course, thrillers. What attracted you to Splinter Cell? JS: I’m a big fan of the game series, having played pretty much all the iterations of Splinter Cell since the original, read all the books and comics, and bought plenty of merch! I have to say Sam Fisher is one of my all-time up reading the novels of Tom Clancy, and those have been a big influence on me

So when I heard that my colleagues at Aconyte Books were partnering with Ubisoft, the first thing I did was reach out to them and say “I want to write a Splinter Cell novel for you.” I can honestly say, this is one of those items ticked off my bucket list of “Writing Jobs I’d Love to Do.” I had a blast writing “Firewall.”

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