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How Ubisoft Toronto Is Gearing Up To Remake Splinter Cell

[Tom__Clancy’s__Splinter Cell] is making a comeback. After years of dormancy, Ubisoft Toronto (the studio responsible for the franchise’s most recent entry, Splinter Cell Blacklist) is hoping to revitalize the franchise and has begun work on a remake.

A lot has changed for the studio since it launched Splinter Cell Blacklist in In the last few years, the studio put out [Starlink:__Battle__for Atlas], [Watch__Dogs: Legion], and most what the studio learned during this time, where it’s going with Splinter Cell on the horizon, and how the studio is reinforcing its commitment to the well-being

Ubisoft Toronto got started with Splinter Cell Blacklist in 2013. Where was the studio then and how has it evolved since? Istvan Tajnay: Blacklist was the catalyst for building the studio. basically recruited the entire team over the course of that game’s development. fully focused on one project with one team, to multiple teams working on multiple projects in parallel.

So up until 2013, Ubisoft Toronto was a one-project studio. focused on Splinter Cell Blacklist, from the development team to the HR and recruitment teams. transversal fashion across different projects and support each other through foundation for collaboration, and the next evolution was obviously to do that on multiple projects.

Splinter Cell has been dormant since Blacklist. What does it mean for the studio, as the last people who touched it, to be able to bring it back? IT: I mean, very clearly for me, it's excitement, pride, and responsibility. Excitement, because it feels like a Splinter Cell game is among the most-wanted comebacks in the games industry. Pride, because Splinter Cell is fully part of And responsibility, because we know how high the expectations of the fans are for us to modernize the brand while that Splinter Cell fans really love it.

Where were you when the first Splinter Cell came out? What was your reaction to it? Do you have any personal memories from back then? IT: Well, I wasn't working in the game industry at that time. But I remember having played the first Metal Gear very intensely, and I remember where I was when I first saw Splinter Cell. Europe bought their videogames – and I saw Splinter Cell running on a huge I just remember being blown away by the visuals. remember playing it later when I got an Xbox. It was the first title on Xbox I played.

As much as I enjoyed the stealth genre with other titles, I remember being impressed with how unique the Splinter Cell experience was. the focus on stealth was, and how it redefined what stealth meant in a I also remember how every single element of the game – graphically, from an audio perspective, every single piece of design – was really conceived to focus your intention towards stealth and espionage.

In less than a year, Ubisoft Toronto put out Watch Dogs: Legion and Far Cry 6. What have you learned from those two games? And from less-recent games, like Starlink?

IT: First and foremost, what we've learned is what it takes to ship games of this scope at a high level of quality. We've also learned it's incredibly challenging to produce two games, two AAA games of that scope, almost at the same time. The keys to doing this are collaboration, resilience, and trust -- With Starlink, we learned that we're capable of producing something That we are capable of innovating and delivering within game genres that weren't previously part of our studio’s wheelhouse.

When players hear that Ubisoft Toronto is making a game, what do you want them to think? IT: I want players to be taken on a transformative journey. I want them to experience a gripping game filled with purpose, immersion, and challenge. I want I want them to keep playing because they're so immersed in the game world that they feel a strong sense of belonging to it, and I want them to feel like

You took on the role during an interesting time, at the height of a pandemic. What are you most proud of for the studio during your time as managing director? IT: I'm extremely proud of the Watch Dogs: Legion team for delivering Dead online zombie mode, all while in the context of a pandemic. I'm also very proud of the energy, drive, and resilience that the Far Cry 6 team has shown to ship and continue to support an extremely well-executed, true-to-the-brand Far Cry experience in that same context.

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