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Play The Crew 2 For Free from November 18-21

Live your dreams of becoming a motorsports champion and show off your skills across the USA in [The__Crew 2] during its free weekend. As part of the Ubisoft [35th anniversary] celebration, you can play The Crew 2 for free from November 18 to November 21 on PC (via Ubisoft Connect and Epic Games Store), PS4, and PS5.

During the free period, you’ll have access to the full game, including the most recent update, Season 4 Episode 1: The Contractor, which launches on November In Episode 1, you can access new delivery missions called Urban Services, as well as a new version of The Motorpass. On November 17, The Ford Crown Victoria Marco’s Cab (Street Race) will be available for 1CC, and free monthly vehicle drops include the Ford Crown Victoria (Street Race), the Ford Crown Victoria Limousine (Street Race), and the Chevrolet 3100 (Street Race), with more vehicles to be added over the course of the episode.

If you want to continue your journey and keep your progression after the free weekend, you can purchase any edition of The Crew 2 on PC or PS4 for 80% off at In The Crew 2 you can dominate the land, air, and sea from coast to coast with a There are new live summits every For more on The Crew 2, visit

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