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Ubisoft Da Nang – Creating Tools to Save Time and Build Better Nano Games

The team at [Ubisoft__Da Nang] is primarily focused on developing Nano games – a collection of fun and accessible instant-party games including Brawlhalla: Grand Slam, Rayman’s Incrediballs Dodge, Assassin’s Creed FreeRunners, and more. To help streamline the game-creation process for developers while also creating better, more engaging games for players, the team has built an internal tool called the Nano Game Core (NGC), which allows developers to benefit from faster development time by standardizing the game features and flow, while still maintaining each title’s unique character and gameplay. To learn more about the Nano Game Core, those who built it, and what their roles mean within the team, we spoke with UX/UI designer Hai Le Quang and scrum master Man Nguyen Huy.

Could you tell us a little about the Nano team at Ubisoft Da Nang and what you are working on now? Man Nguyen Huy: Right now, we are working on small web and mobile games using the HTML5 framework. The goal is to create very fast-paced instant party games on a fast-paced schedule, which has so far led to nine releases in about a website] where people can play all of them. team of around 50 people with more plans to grow and expand in the future. have just launched our third season of Nano games, with titles like [Rayman’s process for Season 4. Season after season, the NGC grows and adds features, which in turn makes for more complete games, produced at a faster pace.

How would you summarize your roles in the Ubisoft Nano team?

Hai Le Quang: As a UX/UI (user experience/user interface) designer on the Nano team, I work to make the cross-feature designs become a reality. user experience side, I try to design a solution that best fits the context of I try to match the visual style of the cross-features with that of the user interface, then I work with the developers to make the UI run.

In a way, I’m the man in the middle, working with designers, developers, and artists to understand the features so that I can align the UI with the style of

How did you start working at Ubisoft?

HLQ: When Ubisoft came to Vietnam, I heard about the opportunities they had industry until I started working at Gameloft, where I was when I heard about the roles at Ubisoft. for an interview and started working here soon after.

recommended for me to apply at Ubisoft while I was working at Gameloft. heard of Ubisoft, and knew it was a really big company in the games industry, and I personally dreamt that maybe one day I could work there if the opportunity I was surprised when I heard Ubisoft had chosen Da Nang as the city to open a new studio, instead of Saigon or Hanoi. It’s very professional, and I work with Every day these people challenge me to be better at my work and to improve myself.

What do you think is unique about Nano games in particular?

MNH: First, I think it’s the instant-party aspect, which means that people Our games are also designed to be easy to share and play together with As instant-party games, the multiplayer aspect is very important to Anyone with a phone, PC, or other compatible device can play We also believe in the quality of our games; we spend a lot of time on graphics and assets, and I think that we have some of the best-looking web games

HLQ: For me personally, Nano games offer an opportunity for players who may not have played a Ubisoft game before to get acquainted with these exciting and Until five years ago, I never had a console to play an Assassin’s Creed game, but I was able to experience some of the mobile games. Thanks to this, I was able to explore the universe and story of Assassin’s Creed on a platform that was readily available, and I think Nano games provide a

What is the Nano Game Core, and what does it do for your team?

MNH: The NGC is essentially a project template that allows us to simplify work for our teams, and contains a lot of tools to help us build games. building a house: It needs pillars to stand, and the NGC essentially represents the pillars for our games. In the past, the game team had to work on all the

So, the NGC exists to support the game teams, and make building games faster and One example of this is the UI skinning tools for the game team, which allow for very easy reskinning of all the different UI features. also implemented live-ops tools, which allow us to monitor all the features in

Are there any other positive effects that the NGC has had on the games, outside of saving time? HLQ: I think that it can effectively make the development process more fun for the game teams, since they don’t need to focus on the smaller features, and can just focus on the game itself. It’s less stressful, and they get to spend time doing what they enjoy and what they are good at, instead of worrying about

MNH: I also think centralizing the work has a positive effect on the teams, since the games share a lot in their internal structure but are very different Besides the UI, this allows us to track what’s working and what isn’t across our games. might prove to be something that we can implement across all of our games.

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