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Ubisoft Annecy: 25 Years at the Service of Players

Ubisoft Annecy was founded in 1996 in the mountainous Haute-Savoie region of south-eastern France. It was one of Ubisoft’s first studios, originally consisting of a team of six people working on Rayman, and it went on to collaborate on many key Ubisoft brands such as Splinter Cell, Assassin’s Creed, and The Division. In 2016, the studio took a leap by leading the development of Steep, a winter sports game that has been played by over 14 million unique players to date.

This year, as the 300-strong studio celebrates its 25-year anniversary, Ubisoft Ubisoft News team sat down with Gregory Garcia, the studio’s new managing director, to learn more about his career at Ubisoft, the studio’s priorities,

Specifically, what is the day-to-day role of a managing director, particularly in a company like Ubisoft? GG: We are lucky to be part of an international group and work with incredible talents from all over the world. And my role is precisely to ensure that we can work with the best team members, on extraordinary IPs, and to contribute greatly to Ubisoft's global strategy. that means spending time with other managing directors and the teams at HQ, as well as ensuring, together, that we have and are providing good visibility on

That being said, the core part of my role is obviously with the studio teams. make the best games possible, so that everyone, when they get into the office in the morning, can thrive at work.

In addition to studio’s expertise in multiplayer, what are Ubisoft Annecy's other strengths in your view? Our studio benefits from lots of expertise, professions are represented in our teams, and that’s invaluable. project, from the pitch to its release and beyond. We will continue to organize projects on which we have already started to work on, whether that’s with the studio's or the group's IPs.

How do you organize production in a studio like yours, with back-to-back projects that are sometimes developed in parallel? organized around these projects? How is Ubisoft Annecy working to enact Ubisoft's promises to promote greater diversity and inclusion within teams? GG: As we make games designed to reach as many players as possible, we are all committed to making games that are representative of the world we live in. We deal with creative and technical professions in which good ideas do not come between team members. This is what gives our ideas and solutions strength. that reason, we aim to include as many perspectives as possible in the creative team members in our studio or external consultants.

In your view, what will the videogames of the future look like, and what role will Ubisoft Annecy play in their creation? emerging. In my view, there are two areas to watch. narrative experiences, in which we tell stories to players by having them embody It’s something that Ubisoft already does very well with games like Alongside that, we see more social and connected experiences emerging, and these are all about spending time and sharing with others. these games, it’s the players who tell the stories.

At Annecy, in view of our history with multiplayer and online, we want to place ourselves within this second area. game experience with their friends on Twitch or YouTube.

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