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Game Makers Podcast - Graceful Failure: Learning & Video Games

This fall, the Ubisoft Game Makers podcast is releasing a series of new episodes to take you behind the scenes at Ubisoft and in the videogame industry. Veteran Ubisoft team members will share their experiences, we’ll dive into new titles like Far Cry 6, and experts outside Ubisoft will give their perspective on how games can impact society.

In the latest episode, we explore the topic of learning and videogames. videogames good for us? Can we learn by playing games? Learning Sciences and Professor at New York University, joins us to discuss

You can listen to this episode of Game Makers on [the__podcast__app__of__your episodes as they release! Click Here to download the transcript of this episode. To learn more about the positive impacts of gaming and how to choose the right Ubisoft game for your needs, visit the [Social Impact] page. from the Ubisoft Game Makers podcast, be sure to check out [Ubisoft

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