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Accessibility Spotlight: Riders Republic

Riders Republic launches on October 28 on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Amazon Luna, and Stadia. But before you drop into the massive multiplayer outdoor sports playground, check out the accessibility options the team at Ubisoft Annecy is adding to the game. To learn bit more about the features in store, as well as the development team’s accessibility philosophy, we spoke with Creative Director Igor Manceau . You can find a detailed list of accessibility options following the interview.

How does the team go about designing accessibility gameplay features (like trick assist, backtracking, etc.) while still maintaining the fun and challenge of the game?

Igor Manceau: Our vision from the beginning was to make our game more welcoming and accessible to as many players as possible. To illustrate this approach, here are a few examples: First, we wanted to provide a personalized experience when it comes to controls, specifically the trick system. There is no proven recipe or industry standard for trick controls in sports games, like you can see in the shooter genre for example.

These elements are really major foundations of our design approach. Do you see these features having an impact on players who don’t identify as disabled? Our design philosophy is meant to benefit all our players. We always listen to feedback from our community members and believe players of all styles will be able to enjoy the game, whether that's from intense competition or just getting in the flow, riding with their friends, and enjoying the scenery.

How do changes to gameplay and difficulty affect competition in the game?

IM: The way I like to think of competition in Riders Republic is through the example of our mass races. In real life, I love big events such as marathons, popular 10k races in cities, or village events where everybody’s invited to compete in a friendly spirit. Some athletes train their whole lives to be the best, while others are here to have fun, dressed in costumes, running for a cause, or just to support a friend. Everyone has fun and enjoys their race in their own way.

You’ll also have players dressed in a giraffe costume hitting all the rocks on the way, laughing at their crashes, and still crossing the finish line.

Remap keys and controls

There are three controls presets that can be modified by players using control rebinding.

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