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Rainbow Six Siege – Crystal Guard Operator and Map Guide

Osa, a new attacking Operator, is bringing transparent deployable bulletproof shields to the hallways of Rainbow Six Siege when Crystal Guard, the third season of Year 6 of Rainbow Six Siege, launches. Deployable on the floor, in doorways, or in windows, Osa’s shield will give Attackers a chance to reconfigure the battlefield to their advantage by building up defenses instead of tearing them down. Osa will be available at launch through the Crystal Guard Battle Pass, and can be unlocked two weeks after launch with Renown or R6 Credits.

Crystal Guard will also be delivering some free updates to all players, including balancing tweaks for Twitch, Fuze, and IQ; map updates for Clubhouse,

Osa and Her Talon-8 Shields

Osa is an innovative engineer hailing from Croatia and recruited by Kali’s Osa joins Team Rainbow as a medium-speed, medium-armor formidable tools of attack, she can also protect herself and her allies with her Talon-8 Clear Shield. as Osa can set it up to offer bulletproof cover in otherwise-exposed positions to help Attackers dig in and push on.

But there are some big differences between the Talon-8 and the Defenders’ deployable shields. and protects Osa’s head when she carries it, unlike the deployable shield. to some pretty intense stare downs that might end abruptly with a quick pop-up from the Attacker or with a Defender taking out the shield with an impact The shields can also create standoffs that destabilize line that Attackers can safely watch. Osa’s shields can establish angles in key can deploy them while on rappel. Combine that with the shield’s ability to destroy wooden barricades when deployed in a barricaded window or door, and Osa can make a room very dangerous very quickly.

Operator Balancing Tweaks

A few other Operators are in the spotlight in Crystal Guard, including Twitch, whose shock drones will now be able to jump just like their recon counterparts. They’ll also shoot a laser instead of a projectile, meaning there’s no projectile drop-off to contend with as you zap anything that dares defy you.

Fuze will now be able to use his cluster charges on reinforced walls and hatches The device timer will take a bit longer on a reinforced surface, as well as on Castle’s barricades, and the first projectile through will create a hole that allows Defenders to shoot the device and halt the deployment of the full complement of Note that this hole will not become a peek hole after the canister

Map Updates

As for maps, Crystal Guard is handling things a bit differently than previous seasons by delivering small updates to three maps as opposed to a major rework While each was tuned up to bring destruction, lighting, and gadget

In Clubhouse, for example, the Bar and Stock Room bombsite is now just the Bar bombsite, with the Stock Room bomb being moved to the Bar Stage area and new bar Plus, some new outdoor pathing by the kennels will allow quicker outdoor maneuvering.

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Rainbow Six Siege: Crystal Guard Operator Gadget Gameplay & Starter Tips | Ubisoft | [NA]


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Rainbow Six Siege is introducing some new hardware with the reveal of Crystal Guard, and giving the Attackers a chance to do some constructive redecorating.
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Rainbow Six Siege: Crystal Guard Operator Gadget Gameplay & Starter Tips | Ubisoft | [NA]

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