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Games Explained: From Game Engines to Going Gold

In the creation of videogames, there are many processes and technologies that developers rely on, but that players don’t necessarily see or hear about. We invited Technical Associate Producer Timothy Dansie; Projects Director of Editorial Technology Dominic Butler; and Closing Specialist Maddie Harper to explain some of the tools that are integral to making games. The topics they cover include game engines, the “3 Cs” of game design, and the term “going gold.”

What is a game engine?

The game engine is one of the key technologies that developers rely on to bring myriad game elements together and build the overall experience. Snowdrop, a versatile engine that was created at Massive Entertainment to develop The Division, has gone on to be used for a variety of other games. It’s also the engine being used to develop Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora and the upcoming “Star Wars” game.

The 3 Cs of Game Design

In the process of bringing a game to life, game makers rely on something called the 3 Cs to conceptualize how the game feels for the player: camera, character, and controls.

The camera is the point of view of the player. The camera angle and movements determine what the player sees on screen, and should contribute to making the experience seamless and fun.

Going Gold

A few weeks before its release date, a game receives the “gold” approval from first- party companies like Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo, meaning that they have approved the game to be published on their consoles. This indicates that the main development on the game is finished; the game is working and ready to move to the manufacturing stage.

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