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Welcome to Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead

"London has fallen. The streets are plagued with mindless hordes of the undead. Communication with the outside world has been cut off. Is it some experiment gone wrong? Is this nature's wrath on humanity? No one knows why the dead will not rest...

Only days after the first sightings, the streets of London have become overrun with the living dead. Albion soldiers have barricaded themselves to protect their few remaining supplies.

You and your team of survivors need to make it out alive by reaching the extraction point with as many stolen supplies as possible.

What is Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead?

In a London filled with zombies, Albion soldiers and Clan Kelley enforcers are hoarding valuable supplies that you must get your hands on to ensure the survival of your crew. No matter if you are going in solo, with friends or up to 3 other players via public matchmaking, you will have to be smart with your resources, your tactics and plan ahead to gather supplies, find power-ups and extract from London alive.

Scout the map for precious supplies, power-ups and plan a route to avoid the deadly zombie hordes.

Developer insight and Q&A

A: We are all huge fans of horror and zombie games! It just felt natural to ask the question: How would if feel if our version of London suffered a zombie apocalypse?

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