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’Resolver’: How Far Cry 6 Was Inspired by Cuba’s Philosophy of D.I.Y.

Yara, the fictional setting of Far Cry 6, takes much of its inspiration from Cuba, and its “resolver” spirit is a hugely important part of that inspiration. In English, the word “resolve” has a few different meanings. As a verb, it can mean to deal with something successfully, to work something out; as a noun, it signifies determination or persistence. Which makes the Cuban concept of “resolver” (pronounced “rreh-sohl-BEHR”) in Far Cry 6 particularly interesting — because it’s pretty much all of the above.

Due to decades of scarcity brought on by trade embargoes and, later, the collapse of the Soviet Union, Cubans were forced to figure out how to make do with extremely limited resources. As a result, “resolver” has become a sort of unofficial national motto, encompassing the concepts of resourcefulness, improvisation, and tenacity — a determined do-it-yourself mindset that makes the best of what’s at hand.

“Because importing items was so challenging, Cubans had to make do with whatever they already had on the island,” says Lead Game Designer David Grivel.

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Far Cry 6: Character Trailer - Introducing Dani Rojas | Ubisoft [NA]


May 28, 2021 by Ubisoft North America


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Far Cry 6: Character Trailer - Introducing Dani Rojas | Ubisoft [NA]

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