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Guillemette Picard Named Vice President of Production Technology

Ubisoft has appointed Guillemette Picard as the Vice President of Production Technology. Picard will lead a team of experts to supervise and oversee the strategy of Ubisoft’s various production technologies, which are designed to aid in the creation of more innovative and enriching games. In addition to the Anvil and Snowdrop game engines – used to develop Ubisoft’s biggest games, including Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and The Division 2 – new and important technologies such as AI, Blockchain, cloud, and VR will also be overseen by Guillemette’s team, with the goal of continuing to build and deliver the best user and developer experience.

“Ubisoft has a long-standing culture of technology-inspired innovation, and I am thrilled to be joining forces with such passionate and expert teams,” said Guillemette Picard.

“Technology has always been an enabler for Ubisoft’s innovation,” said Haas. Now more than ever, it is the foundation that enables us to push the boundaries of our medium, remove barriers for our teams and players, and bring to life some of the most creative, memorable games in the world. Guillemette’s exemplary leadership and deep experience across multiple tech-driven companies and sectors will be invaluable assets in unlocking Ubisoft’s full potential to produce and operate the best games, now and in the future.

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May 30, 2021 at 03:15