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Tour the Environmental Initiatives at Ubisoft's New HQ

In addition to implementing new spaces for creativity, including lounges, play zones, and modular project rooms, the team behind the move took up the challenge of designing an eco-friendly environment.

An Ecological Mindset Requested by Teams

Marie Simonian, workplace experience manager at Ubisoft, explains that the Floresco project launched back in 2018, with workshops involving team members who work at Ubisoft’s HQ. Thanks to these workshops, we were able to outline expectations, especially in terms of the building’s ecological impact. Selective waste sorting, reusable dishware, bulk consumption, and the creation of a vegetable garden were top requests from team members, she said.

“Considering that over 50% of the team members who answered our survey are flexitarian, vegetarian or vegan, it was important to cater to a variety of diets.”

Waste Not

Since maintaining an office building involves processing a large amount of waste, Workplace & Experience Operations director Laurie Pigeot-Besse points out that a new building was an opportunity to set up a revamped recycling system for paper, cardboard, aluminum cans, plastic, and glass bottles. Thanks to simplified signage, team members can now sort their waste easily, and our partner in charge of collecting waste allows us to track how it is treated and processed. Even the bins are made of 40% recycled PET plastic.

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