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Watch Dogs: Legion – The Tools That Built London

The London of Watch Dogs: Legion is a sprawling and vibrant city filled with unique characters, any one of whom can be recruited and controlled by players. The tools used by the team at Ubisoft Toronto to bring the city and its inhabitants to life not only built the game, but helped to create a more realistic and immersive world, and informed the design of the innovative and unique Play as Anyone feature.

Two systems stand out as integral parts of Watch Dogs: Legion’s London, responsible for creating its mind-bogglingly wide variety of characters and incorporating them believably into the world and story of the game. First is Census, the system that generates the city’s inhabitants and outfits them with an appearance, independent lives, schedules, and relationships.

At its core is a procedural generation layer that creates characters and gives them demographic profiles that are internally consistent, and consistent with the character's role in the world. The simulation layer makes the characters persistent, and dynamically generates schedules appropriate for that character.

Not only does the system generate each character’s name, appearance, skills, and various other attributes, it also creates relationships and schedules to match. The player can literally follow this schedule and watch as the character – like any real person – goes about their day.

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