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Immortals Fenyx Rising - Myths of the Eastern Realm Soars Into Chinese Mythology

Immortals Fenyx Rising - Myths of the Eastern Realm arrives tomorrow, March 25, delivering a new world, hero, and storyline inspired by Chinese mythology for Immortals Fenyx Rising players. Unfolding separately from the main campaign, the new DLC is based loosely on a myth known as Nuwa Mends the Heavens, in which the Chinese goddess Nuwa restores balance following a disastrous war in Heaven. Into this story steps Ku, a new hero and the last remaining human after a catastrophic event tears a massive rift called the Scar into the sky.

Led by Ubisoft Chengdu, Immortals Fenyx Rising - Myths of the Eastern Realm is shorter than the main campaign, but features a complete, self-contained story with a wealth of content spread across three distinct biomes.

Live Myths Unexplored in Western Games

As the plucky-but-occasionally befuddled Ku, players work to help Nuwa pull the world back from the brink of primordial chaos (and to convince her to stop acting like he’s a child who keeps wandering off and getting into trouble). Along the way, Ku will enlist help from other mythic figures, including dragons and Gong Gong, the last descendant of a clan of exiled gods in a perpetual state of rebellion against Heaven.

Unleash Martial-Arts Mayhem

Naturally, this new world is crawling with monsters. Fortunately, Ku begins the adventure already a powerful warrior, wielding powered-up versions of familiar godly abilities and starting with enough health and stamina to overcome most open-world obstacles. He’ll find ways to grow even stronger over the course of the adventure, along with a pair of wings and new gear that – once the DLC is completed – can transfer over to the main campaign as cosmetics.

Harness Clouds, Wind, and Music

Peng Lai and Bu Zhou are filled with activities to discover and pursue, including environmental puzzles and navigation challenges that hide resource-filled chests and other rewards. Flipping-tile mural puzzles can reveal interesting tidbits about Chinese myths, musical puzzles challenge Ku to clear a path to quickly strike huge bells in sequence, and Sunchaser Challenges push him to keep up with a glowing, three-legged crow as it soars through obstacles and hazards.

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