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New Six Siege Chibis Gear Ready for Deployment

We love the Six Siege Chibis. You love the Six Siege Chibis. We all love the Six Siege Chibis. But what if I were to tell you that their cute-but-mildly-threatening visages were available in more than just figurine form? A rush of excitement would overtake you, and what better way to direct that energy than to have your brain tell your fingers to input the Ubisoft Store into your Internet browsing device of choice and view all of the great Chibi-inspired gear that awaits you? If you’re too excited and want to buy something right now, we’ve got a selection of items below that may be of immediate interest.

Dokkaebi Chibi iPhone Case

When Dokkaebi’s not busy hacking phones, she’s making them look cool. Her Chibi portrait adorns the back of this phone case, which comes in a variety of sizes to fit several older and more recent iPhone models.

Tachanka Chibi T-Shirt

Tachanka’s in-game counterpart may have received a rework, but you can just plain work it in this black shirt featuring a Chibi Tachanka brandishing his signature LMG, ready for battle. Do not disappoint Lord Tachanka!

Ela Chibi Premium Face Mask

Ela may be able to disorient attackers with her Grzmot mines, but the only thing confusing about this face mask is why you don’t already own one.

Vigil Chibi Sticker

I’ve been told that there’s an image of a Chibi Vigil sticker somewhere on the page, but all I see is some static? Well, I’m sure a Chibi Vigil with his trademark (and scary) mask looks cool even if I can’t see it. This and other Six Siege Chibi-inspired stickers are available on the Ubisoft Store in a variety of sizes, but those should be easier to spot.

Thatcher Chibi Samsung Case

Don’t worry, Samsung phone owners. The Chibi form of the gasmask-equipped SAS agent stands proudly (and maybe a little smugly, but it’s hard to tell because he has the mask on) on the back of this case, available for three Samsung phone models: the Galaxy S10, the S10+, and the S10e.

Caveira Chibi Face Mask

This face mask may be 95% polyester, but it’s 100% awesome (and the other 5% is elastane, if you must know) as the Chibi version of Brazil’s BOPE agent of interrogation, Caveira, flashes a smirk. This one-size-fits-all mask comes with breathable fabric and is washable and reusable. I’d also like to point out the tiny skull on her beret and the “shh” gesture she is doing are both very scary.

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