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BIPOC of Ubisoft – Carl Tamakloe

Editor’s Note: Throughout the videogame industry – Ubisoft included – Black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) are dramatically underrepresented. According to the 2019 IGDA Developer Satisfaction Survey, only 19% of developers identified as something other than “white/Caucasian/European.” BIPOC of Ubisoft is a series highlighting the voices and stories of BIPOC folks at Ubisoft in an effort to provide an example for the next generation of game professionals and make the industry more welcoming and inclusive. The series will run in seasons, each with a different theme. Season Two will focus on stories of representation in media.

I was more interested in stories, whether they were told via comics, novels, film, videogames, or TV series. That’s why I decided to pursue an internship in the fiction department of a French TV channel, and decided I wanted to work in TV and film production. Now, I do just that, as a Junior Project Manager at Ubisoft Film and Television in Montreuil, France, where I work with screenwriters and visual artists to bring their bold visions of Ubisoft worlds to life in the form of animated TV series and films.

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