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Look and Feel Like a Champion with Official Six Invitational Gear

The Six Invitational may look a little different this year when it begins on February 9, but competition will be no less fierce. Neither will your clothing game, because the Ubisoft Store has official Six Invitational gear just for you... But when we say “just for you,” we mean that too, because this year, you’ll be able to secure your very own customized gear! Check below for more details on that and a selection of other great Six Invitational gear.

Official Six Invitational Jersey

No competition is complete without jerseys, but let’s take it one step further: This official Six Invitational jersey not only looks good, but you can add a little extra personality with a brand-new customization feature that lets you personalize the name on the back with custom text. The only limitation is your imagination... and a set number of characters.

Official Six Invitational Bomber Jacket

This sleek bomber features the Six Invitational logo on the front and a subtle geometric design on the back, but let me tell you what you don’t see: the multifaceted nature of bomber jackets. That’s just extra value on a great-looking jacket.

Official Six Invitational Face Mask

One features the logo and a festive full-color design that says you’re in full hype mode and you don’t care who knows it. The other is more understated, featuring a logo and a light geometric design with light coloring to let everyone know that you are no less hyped, but just perhaps a bit more reserved about it.

Official Six Invitational Hoodie

The hexagon is one of the most powerful symbols known to humanity, and the Official Six Invitational Hoodie knows that with great power comes great responsibility. The colorful, understated hexagonal stylings of the comfy front pocket say, “I know how to wield my powers for good,” while the Six Invitational logo on the chest shows that you could go full hexagon at any time, but have chosen discipline and restraint.

Official Six Invitational Embroidered Red T-shirt

What’s better than sporting the official Six Invitational logo on a classic white t-shirt? Sporting a classy embroidered logo, of course! Are we reading too much into the design, or does it speak to your leadership skills?

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