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Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab Opens Submissions for Sixth Season

For years, Ubisoft has created and promoted games with a positive impact, be it through physical exercise with Just Dance, learning about history with Assassin’s Creed: Discovery Tour, or unlocking the secrets of programming with Rabbids Coding. For its newly announced sixth season starting in early 2021, the Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab will focus on the theme of Positive Entertainment, and work with startups with new and innovative ideas to explore how entertainment can have a productive impact on our lives.

During its fifth season, the Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab – a mentorship program that works with entrepreneurs to build the future of entertainment with direct access to Ubisoft experts – assisted eight startups working on blockchain or social entertainment to overcome challenges and push their ideas towards being realized.

Kicking off in early 2021, the sixth season of the Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab will continue exploring blockchain technology and will also begin accepting startups on the new Positive Entertainment track.

We have been working with blockchain startups since 2017, and we want to keep exploring and developing this promising field. For our sixth season, we will be open to startups that develop a product or service linked to Positive Entertainment at large, because we strongly believe that emphasizing the positive sides of entertainment is crucial.

The positive and beneficial impact of entertainment is an important topic in a climate where digital mediums are being used more than ever, and positive social impact has been a feature of some of the startups accepted into previous seasons of the program. But with the announcement of the new track for this season, the Entrepreneurs Lab hopes to foster new and innovative ideas that can be a source not just for entertainment, but education, exploration, social bonding, and more.

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