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Ubisoft Celebrates 20 Years of Tom Clancy Games

Twenty years ago, Red Storm Entertainment and the Tom Clancy brand joined Ubisoft, making it the company’s first major franchise. To celebrate this important milestone, the Ubisoft News team spoke with teams who have worked with Clancy brands over the years to gather Intel about the origins of the franchise and how it evolved over the years.

The Origins of Red Storm and “The Thinking Person’s FPS”

The game was successful, and the teams decided to make the collaboration permanent, which led to the foundation of Red Storm Entertainment in 1996. The studio worked on smaller projects, like a line of games called Power Plays that tied into the Clancy books, but in parallel, the team was developing a more ambitious title that would become Rainbow Six, released in 1998.

We set out to take the essence of the ‘Clancy feel’ – its heroic structure, the idea that one individual can change the course of large events – and then implement that in an FPS game, said Steve Reid, one of Ubisoft Red Storm’s founders and managing director of the studio for the past 20 years.

Three Green Dots: Bringing Splinter Cell to the Clancyverse

In 2002, years before the success of new brands like Assassin’s Creed, the team at Ubisoft Montréal was set to launch a brand-new stealth game: Splinter Cell. Together with her team, she came up with a game-changing idea: to bring Splinter Cell into the Tom Clancy line of games.

“Splinter Cell focuses on a spy, Sam Fisher, and the gameplay has many aspects of the tactical techno-thriller that are the main characteristics of Clancy games.”

The Clancyverse Expands: From Parallel Development to Global Co-Development

As new games and series released over the next decades, Ubisoft Red Storm took full advantage of Ubisoft’s network of international studios and increased its level of collaboration.

The team at Ubisoft Red Storm specialized in developing the multiplayer part of Clancy games, as was the case for Ghost Recon titles, whose development was led by Ubisoft Paris.

Looking to the Future of Clancy Games

“What is so great about these games is that the themes are timeless,” Reid said. “The hero story, the idea that one person can save the day, ties into a heroic satisfaction that will always be relevant.”

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