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Ubisoft Announces UK-Based Scholarship For Black Students

The Ubisoft Black Game Pros Mixer had its latest event in the UK today, and with it came the announcement of the Ubisoft Scholarship for Black UK Students, a new initiative to help make the games industry a more inclusive space for people of color. The Ubisoft Scholarship for Black UK Students will be awarded to two Black students applying to a computer science degree at Newcastle University’s School of Computing in 2021.

The scholarship was inspired by the work of UK-based musical artist, and Watch Dogs: Legion guest star, Stormzy and his #MerkyFoundation, and will include a three-year program of support that includes a yearly scholarship of £11,250. The three-year program will end with a three-month internship for both students at Ubisoft Reflections.

“Over the last few years, we’ve been proud to support educational programs in the UK such as Digital Schoolhouse, as well as BAFTA’s Young Games Designers scheme,” said Giselle Stewart, Director of UK Corporate Affairs. This year, we wanted to go one step further and tackle an area where we can truly make a difference to diversify and strengthen the UK games industry. A combination of financial support and meaningful workplace training should give these students the very best chance at securing a career in the industry.

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