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BIPOC of Ubisoft – Tahirah Mirza

My name is Tahirah Mirza and I’m the content and channel manager for Ubisoft NCSA (North, Central, and South America). I currently work 100% from home, but during non-COVID times, I work from our Montreal business office. I have been working at Ubisoft for three years. I was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, to a Muslim-Pakistani family – both a religion and culture that I continue to identify with, despite sometimes being told that they clash with my Quebecoise identity.

My grandparents came to Montreal in the late ‘60s, and bought an apartment building with seven units in the hopes of filling it with their kids and grandkids one day.

I remember telling kids at school that I was a vegetarian because having to explain that I only ate halal meat seemed way too controversial. I even remember having to explain to the other kids that I did not celebrate Christmas – that was a tough one. I don’t blame those kids at all – they were genuinely curious as to why certain aspects of my life were different than theirs, but I do think that their parents, in addition to our schools, could have done a better job of making us feel less different by teaching children about diversity and all the positive things that come from it.

I do think things have gotten better, and that there is more inclusion and diversity overall, which makes me hopeful. Man, would I have loved to grow up in a time where people like Mindy Kaling, Hasan Minhaj, and Marvel’s Kamala Khan could have empowered me to love my differences.

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