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BIPOC of Ubisoft – Raj Patel

Growing up just outside of Toronto, I first got ideas about the game industry from playing shareware games on the family PC. When I finished some of them, a screen would pop up suggesting that if I wanted to help make them, I should send in my work. I was a kid, but I loved creating things, whether it was art, coding, music, or anything else where I could flex some creative muscle. At the time, the idea of making games sounded great; I had already tried making some of my own, but a career in gaming seemed too farfetched.

After a few years working in the field, the gaming industry had changed from when I had first played those early shareware games, and with new opportunities available, I decided to take the plunge into a new, exciting field that always had great appeal to me.

A full career in the industry finally felt within reach. Working in the industry has been eye-opening, as I now see all the different roles at play in the industry, and how varied everyone’s skillsets are.

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