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BIPOC of Ubisoft - Ellie Vengala

I’m an only child, and my family has this pack of suitcases that have come with us to every single location we’ve moved since I was nine years old. I went to two different elementary schools, two different middle schools, and two different high schools (filling out my college applications took a while). I think those suitcases held up better than I ever did after each move.

All you want to feel as a teenager is a sense of belonging, and you never get that as an immigrant. Every single time I have to fill out an application, I have to bring along a folder (my father has one for each of us: his is blue, my mother’s green, and mine is orange.

More than anything, I belong to myself. This was the question I asked myself before I applied for the Public Relations internship at Ubisoft on LinkedIn. I knew it was a longshot – the site mentioned that there were some 600-plus applicants. Applying for jobs always feels like freefalling off a cliff. There’s almost nothing in your control after you send in your application, so having that faith in yourself means so much. It’s like the parachute that’ll keep you afloat until you take another leap of faith and send another application.

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