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Green Days – A Force for the Environment at Ubisoft

In recent weeks, Ubisoft locations all over France have been taking part in their annual Green Days, concluding on October 1. Set up by an internal group known as the Green Force, the series of informative workshops and discussions are designed to help Ubisoft employees understand the impact of their day-to-day life on the environment, and how they can help.

The Green Force is an employee-led initiative of people passionate about educating their colleagues to reduce their environmental impact through simple, smart changes at work or at home. This year’s Green Days, a local adaptation of the European Sustainable Development Weeks, are a collective effort spearheaded by a trio of organizers who are united in their mission to spread environmental awareness, despite their different roles and backgrounds.

“The origin of the Green Force was in 2018, when Ubisoft colleagues in France received an invitation to the Christmas party,” said Tiphaine Boulangé, “It was an audio tape to announce the theme, which was 90s hip hop. It was a cool idea, but some were concerned with how ecological the invites were.” Soon after, they came together and created a small group on Ubisoft’s internal networking app, growing from there to now include almost 400 members across Ubisoft.

But it can be difficult to encourage change on an individual level, and this is the challenge that the Green Force faces.

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