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BIPOC of Ubisoft - Xavier Chamoiseau

My name is Xavier Chamoiseau. I was born in Martinique, French West Indies. When I was five years old, my dad, a programmer in a bank, used to take me with him when he had to oversee backups on weekends. It was done on magnetic tape at the time, so our trips often took a long time. To prevent me from bothering him too much, he sat me in front of a terminal and taught me the basics of Logo, that graphic-programming language with the turtle. The language tasked you with writing two-letter long instructions to tell the turtle where to go and what to draw.

When I was seven, with my first computer, a CPC 6128, I started dreaming about making money with through programming. I had read that some people went from making games in their garage to being rich and famous, and I thought, “Why not me?”

All this motivated me to study math and computer science, so I ended up in an engineering school near Paris. In the post-9/11 job market, I ended up in a consulting firm working on defense contracts. Although the games we made weren’t wildly successful, I learned a lot about the industry, production processes, and above all, I created a valuable network for myself.

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