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Ubisoft’s GDC 2020 Talks Online Now

The 2020 Game Developers Conference has been postponed until this summer, but you can now watch six talks by Ubisoft developers that were originally planned only for conference attendees. Focusing on topics that range from advances in AI technology to workflow organization and sound recording, these talks are a chance to get a peek into industry trends, as well as to learn more about the kinds of tools, tech, and issues our developers encounter.

Björn Törnqvist, Technical Director at Ubisoft Massive – Online Game Technology Summit: Start-And-Discard: A Unified Workflow for Development and Live Simon Koudriavtsev, Audio Director at Ubisoft Massive, & Robert Bantin, Expert Audio Programmer at Ubisoft Massive – Finding Space for Sound: Environmental Acoustics

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Mar 24, 2020 at 03:06


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GDC 2020 - Start-And-Discard: A Unified Workflow for Development and Live


Mar 24, 2020 by Massive Entertainment


Massive Entertainment is unifying the production and live aspects of games development by focusing on a single unified workflow called Start-and-Discard.
The Start-and-Discard workflow increases the quality-of-product by ensuring that every playtest is 100% relevant for the live game.